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(Except for the one in the logo.)

Taurus Freigh Inc. Bull

Refrigerated Freight Logistics on the West Coast


We engage human intelligence to problem-solve and communicate. An app doesn't care about building your reputation for fresh, high-quality product.

You do. We do.


“Our customers are not a bar code.

Our drivers are not a data point on a map.”

Dustin Whitaker, CEO

For over 25 years we’ve been building a legacy of reliability and sensibility with competitive rates. Our secret: great people behind the systems and the wheel. Yes, we utilize technology. But in an industry where conditions and situations change hour by hour, we rely on human intelligence to keep shippers informed, refrigerated products safe, and driver's time maximized. 


Partnering with Drivers

for long-term planning and earning.

We value your time on and off the road.

Our industry experience has helped us strategize risk management in our product choices and route planning. We stand with our drivers in claims resolutions. You get consistent, weekly pay and minimal deadhead when you're on the road. Your team of expert dispatchers are always thinking ahead for your scheduling and earning. We don't own trucks, which means you don’t get leftover or risky loads in undesirable lanes. Your truck comes first!

As family people, we understand that you have a life waiting for you at home. Our dispatchers coordinate routes that make the most of your time away. Building relationships with our drivers paves the way for success at home and on the road. An app doesn’t think about getting you home for your daughter’s birthday. You do. We do.

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Proudly non-asset based, for your benefit.

We don’t own trucks.  We own 98 years of logistics experience.  Our focus is your delivery.

The process of getting your product to your receiver shouldn't leave you in the dark. Our team of expert, proactive dispatchers keeps shippers and drivers in the loop - especially when the road isn't smooth.

Because we partner with professional drivers, you get above-market service at competitive rates from an established, successful family business. For us, long-standing relationships with drivers and customers are as important as the safe and cost-efficient cold-chain supply we're all working for. 

Sometimes it's okay to put all your eggs

in one basket.

One refrigerated, eighteen-wheeled basket.

Whether you're moving eggs, meat, beverages, flowers, or frozen food, we'd love to hear about it. As a proudly non-asset based company, our focus is the successful shipping of your product, not fleet management. We have 26 full-time owner-operators as well as a trusted network of several hundred part-time drivers to help get 12,000 loads a year delivered. 

While your load is in transit, one of our expert dispatchers will work for you from dock to dock, tracking and monitoring your load and maintaining constant communication with the driver. 


We have refined processes. But more importantly, we have amazing people behind those processes.


Got Ship to get done?

Among our team of incredible humans is Greg Busick, Business Development Specialist. Greg will consult with you to understand your long-term shipping needs to determine if our team of experts is the best fit for you. His goal: win-win-win situations. If you have refrigerated product to move, he would love to hear about it. A conversation with Greg would be well worth your time.

Or use this form to tell us about your shipping needs:

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