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When you call us, there is no phone tree.

You'll talk to a professional dispatcher.

Let that sink in a minute.

We have refined processes. But more importantly, we have amazing people behind those processes. Our dispatchers are experts at what they do. They know every step of the sophisticated shipping process inside out. It's a specialized skill that takes years of training investment for each dispatcher. But it's how we know we're taking care of you better than any other 3PL.  Working with us (as a shipper or driver) means you can rely on a dispatcher you’ve come to know and who knows you. Meet the folks who bring you 118 years of industry experience...


Dustin ORIG.jpg

Dustin directs the overall operations of the company and assists with our outbound NW lanes. He lives in Bend with his wife, daughter, and sons. He enjoys cycling, skiing, and spending time with his family. 

Years with Taurus: 22

Superpower:  Super Hearing - Able to hear every conversation going on in a room.

Fun Fact: Dustin is an inexhaustible well of bad puns.  

Greg ORIG.jpg



Greg is our business development manager who is constantly looking for new companies to work with and new drivers to haul for us.  He also serves as a mentor to the dispatch team. Greg resides in Sisters, OR with his wife and children. In his spare time, Greg enjoys being with his family, mountain biking, skiing and is an accomplished musician who performs around the Bend area.

Years with Taurus: 6

Superpower: Telescopic Thinking - makes decisions based on what’s right for our customers, our drivers and Taurus in the long run.  

Fun Fact (Or Burden?):  Understands more of Dustin’s puns than anyone else in the office.

Joe ORIG.jpg



Joe is our Lead Dispatcher and coordinates our NW outbound lanes, primarily to southern CA. Joe has experience over the road as a former owner-operator. He lives in Sunriver with his family and enjoys hunting and camping.   

Years with Taurus: 11

Superpower:  Ultimate Remote Repairman - He can’t put duct tape or bailing wire on your engine over the phone, but he can usually diagnose what’s going wrong. This also applies to getting a wayward load put back together.  

Fun Fact: Encyclopedic knowledge of 80s and 90s Diva music, and an unnatural love for the band Toto. 

Joseph ORIG.jpg



Joseph (aka "Jonathan," aka "Jimmy") handles our NW outbound lanes to Northern CA. He has lived in Central Oregon since 2004 with his wife and two sons. In his spare time, Joseph and his family enjoy camping, fishing, and paintball. Joseph is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and alumni of Oregon State University-Cascades. 

Years with Taurus: 5

Superpower:  First Lieutenant in the Field - Even if the mission is rough, he’ll rally the troops to see it through until it’s completed.  

Fun Fact:  Joseph is given a pass despite being confused that Oregon State orange is a good color.

Virginia ORIG.jpg



Virginia is our Operations Manager and handles our northern California outbound lanes, as well as serving as our second in command.  She lives in Bend with her husband and two dogs.

Years with Taurus: 15

Superpower:  Negotiator in Chief

Fun Fact: Always willing and able to engage with a good story.

Jason ORIG.jpg



Jason Coordinates our NW outbound lanes primarily to Northern CA.  Jason is recently engaged. He loves to spend time with his fiancé and golden retriever as well as going on hikes and swimming.  He also enjoys traveling, golfing in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, and trying new restaurants. Jason moved to Bend in 2017 and graduated from Washington State University.  


Years with Taurus: 3


Superpower:  Grounded - no matter what challenges come his way you’re not going to knock him off balance or get him rattled.  


Fun Fact:  From what we can tell, he’s still a sane person despite sitting next to Joe and his Diva music.  Maybe this is actually another superpower?  


Paul ORIG.jpg



Paul manages our local Northwest loads in and out of the Portland area.  Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and mountain biking around Central Oregon.  

Years with Taurus: 8

Superpower: The Challenger - On a daily basis Paul challenges himself to find ways to get more loads delivered on time for our customers.

Fun Fact:  Paul is often heard saying, “Every day’s a good day.”, which prompts an immediate reply from Dustin of, “Except your last one!” 

Trish ORIG.jpg



Trish handles our intrastate California lanes as well as our dry van traffic from all points in California up to the Northwest. She enjoys spending time with her two boys and also likes to swim, cook, play video games and is always up for a good thriller or horror movie! 

Years with Taurus: 11

Superpower:  Ms. Personality - always friendly, even when facing the toughest challenges.  

Fun Fact: Holds current company record for 0 to 60 mph exiting the parking lot!  





Janet is teamed up with Virginia and assists with our northern California outbound lanes.  She resides in Bend with her husband, two teenage daughters and two dogs. Janet enjoys spending time with her family and all that Central Oregon has to offer outdoors.

Years with Taurus: 3

Superpower: Positive Crusader .  Always positive on her quest to provide tracking transparency and hunt down wayward BOLs. 

Fun Fact: All about soccer - has never been red carded (here in the office …)  

Jen ORIG.jpg



Jen is our Office Manager and works part-time in our accounting department. She lives with her family in Bend. 

Years with Taurus: 22

Superpower:  Honey Badger Tenacity

Fun Fact: Able to eat Mexican food for every meal for at least 2 days straight. 

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