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How does a non-asset-based 3PL deliver big advantages for you?

We don’t own trucks.  We own 98 years of logistics experience.  Our focus is your delivery.

With a logistics provider who doesn't own trucks, everyone gets to stay in their lane.


When you ship with us, you get a company of logistics experts, not just a trucking company with fixed assets. We can pick and choose from our large, trusted network of experienced drivers, finding you the best driver for your freight. Every time.    


Trucking companies don’t often get to pick and choose, and their primary function is to keep their trucks rolling and drivers busy.  Your load might get put on the last truck available, whether it’s in good working order or not! And on top of that, you might get their last available driver who is consistently late to deliver! If your goal is to use only asset-based carriers, there’s more trouble ahead. Did you know asset-based companies broker also? Have you ever checked to see if the name on the truck matches the company you hired to deliver your load? Do a quick check, you might be surprised! 


As a customer, you know the commodity pricing. Drivers know how
to keep it between the lines while getting from point A to point B. We know about strategizing and monitoring your freight’s transport.

We focus on proactive problem solving and communication.

The process of getting your product to your receiver shouldn't leave you in the dark. Our team of expert, proactive dispatchers keeps shippers and drivers in the loop - especially when the road isn't smooth.

Because we partner with professional drivers, you get above-market service at competitive rates from an established, successful family business. For us, long-standing relationships with drivers and customers are as important as the safe and cost-efficient cold-chain supply we're all working for. 

Call us old fashioned, but we're looking for long-term relationships. We stand by our customers through good years and bad. If you're looking for a logistics company to grow with you, navigating the ups and downs of the agriculture industry, we'd love to hear your story.

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